Removal of THE WORLD OF NICK ADAMS posts

The posts offering an inside look at The World of Nick Adams have been removed. Though the writer and I thought we were shedding a positive light and spreading awareness of a worthy cause, we received word that she and I may have inadvertently invaded some of the participants’ privacy. We sincerely apologize for any discomfort or inconvenience we may have caused and thank all the readers for the supportive emails.

2 responses to “Removal of THE WORLD OF NICK ADAMS posts

  1. I am so bummed! I didn’t know anything about this organization of Paul Newman’s. I only know him from acting and his merchandise. My family and I actually select a charitible organization to donate gift money to every year….and I told them that we should donate to Paul Newman’s group.

  2. I’m not the type of guy to sip the haterade, but this appears to be a some sort of backlash from one of those entertainment mags irritated that you scooped them. Dang!

    Keep up the good work anyway! I know I’ll keep coming back.

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