I’ve Moved!

In case you were wondering why I haven’t posted in almost a week, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in XML files, CSS codes and whatchamacallits to move my blog over to my own domain. I’m now at PopCultureNerd.com and will no longer be posting here. I just posted my thoughts and reactions to the Golden Globes so come join the party over there!

3 responses to “I’ve Moved!

  1. I’ll miss the old site, PCN. Luckily, I’ve already subscribed to the new one, so I won’t miss a thing! I’m heading over right now, too.

  2. hi PCN I ´ve suscribed to your new site. I just have a question : is there a difference now?

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      It’s a new, redesigned site with a different URL but all the content from this blog was transferred over there. For example, the American Idol article you last commented on is there, in the carousel, top upper right hand corner on the home page.

      But I’ve since posted new articles there and have stopped adding any new content here. This is the last entry at this location. Thanks for re-subscribing to my new site!

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