CHUCK’s Back!

Did you catch the Chuck season three premiere last night? Talk about two satisfying hours of television. I’ve always enjoyed this show, but now that Chuck (Zachary Levi) has downloaded the Intersect v.2 into his head, giving him access to skills like kung fu and flamenco-guitar playing, the fun factor has ratcheted up a few notches.

This doesn’t mean our Buy More nerd is James Bond. He’s too emotional for the Intersect to work properly so his klutziness is alive and well. He’s also still in love with Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski), the tension between them as thick as ever, if not more so because of something we see in flashback. Though I feel for their predicament (“Spies don’t fall in love,” she tells him), I kinda hope they never get together because the show will be over.

It might end anyway after this season if ratings don’t pick up. It baffles me why a well-written romantic action comedy like this (what other show does all that?) can’t find a bigger audience. I hope recurring guest stars Brandon “Superman” Routh and Kristin “Lana Lang” Kreuk will be able to help.

If you missed the premiere last night, you can watch it at and another fresh episode airs tonight at 8 p.m. Any other fans out there?

Nerd verdict: Chuck yourself

9 responses to “CHUCK’s Back!

  1. I love this show! The premiere was soooo good! I’m glad you’re writing about it, PCN. I don’t want it to go away.

  2. This show kicks ass, and now Chuck does, too! I think this season’s gonna be awesome. Can’t wait to see what Kristin Kreuk does.

  3. Oh, man, this was last night? OK, will go online and catch up before tonight’s episode. Thanks, PCN.

  4. I had no clue this show existed, PCN ~ if it’s on here, it’s not advertised and lurking somewhere! I’m always up for a well-written romantic comedy, so I’ll suss it out. Thanks, PCN!

  5. Since I have a TV that doesn’t work right, I don’t get to watch anything when it’s on. Instead I’ve been getting the TV series I like on DVD. I own a bunch but I also borrow them from the library…it’s a good/bad situation. Good because I can try shows out. Bad because they only give me a week. I’d love to have enough time to watch a whole series in under a week, but heck, if I get through 4 episodes in a week I’m doing good. I think I’ve requested NCIS Season 4 three times now from the library and I’m still now through the whole thing!

    But, at least I can get an idea from TV reviews here as to what I want to check into. Thanks PCN!

    • Oops. I meant, I’m still NOT through the whole thing. Fingers typing faster than eyes seeing…

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Oh, I’d definitely recommend you look into Chuck, Jen. The premise is that an entire Intersect full of the government’s most secret information is accidentally downloaded into his head (he’s a nerd so his brain can handle it). So two spies—one from the CIA, one NSA—are sent to protect him from bad guys. He gets caught up in a different adventure each week and slowly falls in love with the CIA agent. It’s goofy and fun but also has suspense and cool action scenes.

      And you might also want to check out season one of Veronica Mars if you haven’t done so. It’s REALLY good and your favorite author also recommends it!

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