3 responses to “Colin-Firth3

  1. Wow! Un hombre realmente guapo.

  2. This man oozzes charm and raw sexuality!
    He has a boyish sweetness about him, we don’t get to see these days.
    A truly complete package, any lady would be proud to be in love with……………you are my #1 Colin. Never change!

  3. oli-ur biggest lover

    I cannot begin to tell everone how much I love this man (in a non gay way, It’s just guy love). Your my favourite actor and I thought that you were sooooooooooo good in ‘Mama Mia’, favourite bit was you singing on the yacht, which is now my fav film. Soon setting up an I love Colin Firth’ fan club. here is my number and we’ll go drinking. 07807010227 or 01306 741484. your a legend!!!!!!!

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