Anybody watched this show? I abhor reality shows (except American Idol and Project Runway) but tuned in to NBC’s The Sing-Off because it was advertised as real-life Glee and you know I love me some of that. The four-night competition is between a capella groups made up of non-pro singers hoping to land a Sony recording contract. Guess what? The Glee comparison wasn’t completely off base! It was like watching sectionals, except some of the singers are older than school age.

The groups are quite talented and one in particular, the Socals, reminded me the most of our beloved New Directions. They even sang “Don’t Stop Believin'” and “Somebody to Love.” Another bunch of preppy school kids, The Beelzebubs, sang “Sweet Caroline,” though Puck’s rendition was much, well, sweeter. The ‘Bubs are well-liked by the crowd but they turn me off with their cheesy smugness. My prediction for the win is Nota, an all-guy group which manages to put some spicy flavor into every song.

If you missed the three episodes which aired this past Monday through Wednesday, you can watch full episodes on or Hulu. Then you can still vote for your favorite group (on only; voting closes Sunday, Dec. 20) and the winners will be revealed on Monday’s show.

Check it out, tell me which group(s) you like best, and help some folks get a recording contract for Christmas!

5 responses to “THE SING-OFF

  1. OMG!! I thought I was only watching this!

    I was rooting for the SoCals, but they just didn’t have any passion on the last couple of songs. Oddly enough,

    ((((SPOILER ALERT)))

    Their exit song was better than the original version from Whitesnake.

    ALSO: WHY THE HELL DID MAX FACTOR LAST SO LONG??????!??!?!?!?!??!?!?

    I could do without the “Bubs”. The entire group needs a personality transplant.

  2. Sounds like fun, PCN!! I’m guessing it’s only a matter of time before we have an Australian version of it, and yes, I’ll be watching.

  3. I was reluctant to do so, but I checked it out and… wasn’t half bad.

    It feels like filler programming because there’s nothing else on though.

    Tuning in for the finale on Monday.

  4. OMG!! Soooo glad to know we were not the only nerds watching this strange little show. I must admit the main draw for me was Ben Folds. I am a huge fan of his work and was so surprised to see him judging a reality show that I knew we had to watch.

    And watch we did! I don’t wanna spoil it for anyone who hasn’t caught up yet, but, wow, PCN, you know your shit in the winner’s department. Good call…but I still woulda loved for the Bubs to have won. They rocked those argyle sweaters so hard I almost went out and got one myself!!

    Oh, and on a side “note”, pun totally intended, I ran into the girls from “Noteworthy” at Mo’s the day they taped the finale and got a picture with them. They were nowhere near my favorite group, but, I practically dropped Greta to the floor in search of my camera when I saw them. It was hysterical and they were very sweet…I’ll have to forward you the pic, it was pretty awesome!

    • Oh, man, you made me laugh. Just the visual of you almost dropping your baby because you saw some reality-show singers you didn’t even like that much. The nerdier thing is that you brought your camera to breakfast!

      Did you know Miley Cyrus supposedly dines at Moe’s often with her family? I know one of the waiters there and that’s what he says. So be prepared and strap Greta on tightly in case you run into the Cyrus clan next time you’re there!

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