Winners of THE FIRST RULE Giveaway

After I plugged everyone’s names into, giving extra entries to those who qualified, the website drew Sophie Littlefield as my first winner. Sophie, you get an ARC of Robert Crais‘s The First Rule (pub date 1/12/10), which will be sent to you directly from Putnam. Please e-mail me your address. My friend Lydia there said she’ll also throw in some temporary red arrow tattoos so you can be like Joe Pike! selected a second name for the autographed set of photo cards and that winner is le0pard13. I’ll ship you these with some red tats as well. Both you and Sophie will have to send me pictures after you try them on! (Mine’s below.)

Many, many thanks to all those who entered and shared your tales of heroism. It was inspiring to hear about all those good deeds, especially during this season. I always knew there are superheroes among us.

Me, Pike-like

6 responses to “Winners of THE FIRST RULE Giveaway

  1. Michael…you better put those cards under lock and key!! 😉 Congrats Sophie and Michael!! 🙂

  2. Yay, congrats, Sophie and leOpard13!

    PCN, that’s a heck of a cool photo.

  3. Wow! I’m stunned… and thrilled beyond measure. Both prizes in your giveaway are fantastic, and congrats to the divine Ms. Littlefield. But that autographed photo set is what I secretly coveted, I just didn’t think I had a chance to win it. And a tat, too! Thank you very much, Elyse.

    p.s., your photography talent is showing–that is a great shot that you’ve posted.

  4. I would just like to say……BOOO!! (because I didn’t win)

    Congrats to the winners though!

  5. Michael, I’ve no doubt those tats will suit you. Now all you need to do is cut the sleeves off a sweatshirt, don your shades and you’re in the Joe Pike business.

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