Winners of PRECIOUS Script selected my two winners: norma from Argentina and Elizabeth from Canada. Congrats! Please check your e-mail as scripts have been sent.

Many thanks to all who entered and shared your stories. I have another great giveaway coming up tomorrow so don’t fret if you didn’t win this time!

3 responses to “Winners of PRECIOUS Script

  1. Yay, congratulations, norma and Elizabeth!!

  2. Thank you PCN and all the lovely people suscribers of all places around the world!!! Thank you Shell. Congrats Elizabeth. Only now I find out that I won this prize and I screamed. It´s 1 a.m. and I shouldn¨t be screaming. I didn´t read my mails these days and this is an incredible surprise. The first time I discovered this blog I was looking for information about the movie THE DOUBT with Meryl Streep, remember? Then I suscribed to the blog. I didnt win that script, which is something that I can´t forget, by the way. But I received information about movies and books which are the things that I´m interested most about. Although my favourite form of expression it´s the music. For me it would be a dream to write a script. To win this is just incredible. I will send you my address right now. Thank you!
    Hey, you can send me the DOUBT script copy any time I would gladly accept it too, my friends.
    Or books.
    Thank you, again.
    Norma from Argentina

  3. hi everybody,

    My name is Solene and I’m from France. I’m studying english at university. I’m 23, almost 24 years old^^.
    I send you this message because this year, I have to write a paper of 50 pages about a subject. As I spent one year in San Francisco, I ment a lot of people who shared their culture with me. Finally, I discover ”Push” by Sapphire… I was totally amazed, I love the book, so I decided to write about it. Then, when I came back to France, I discover that a movie was going to be released…then I decided to write my paper about the movie and the book.
    In France we don’t have any information about that subject… and I just saw that you have the screenplay of the film. I know we have to win it, but It would be good for me to have some part, because the movie is going to be in theaters in March in France. If anyone can help me with that I would be really released and happy and grateful of course.

    happy holidays to everybody.


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