Music Review: GLEE soundtrack

Oh man, I’m so excited to be able to access my blog again. I had some weird issue with WordPress for the last two days and was unable to edit or write any new posts.

gleeBut I’m also happy because I’ve been listening nonstop to the Glee soundtrack, Glee: The Music, Volume 1, which dropped this week. I’ve been dancing around my room, singing along at the top of my lungs (I think neighbors called animal control) and now I’m writing about it in case you’re still not sure what all the fuss is about.

First, let me say I usually like musicals about as much as I enjoy eating a bag o’ glass with a Tabasco chaser. It annoys me whenever the narrative comes to crashing halt for some guy to burst into song in a cornfield because he just figured out he’s in love.  Go find her and tell her already! In the four minutes it takes him to sing and prance about with a hoe to represent the object of his affection, the girl could be accepting a job in a foreign country or marrying another guy. Come on!

Despite this, I love Glee and look forward to it every week. I even get grumpy when it gets pre-empted by baseball (the show returns next Wednesday, November 11). That’s because the musical sequences are cleverly worked into the plot so they don’t slow down the pace. The recent dance number featuring the entire high school football team doing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies” on the field? All part of an exercise to loosen them up. And a teacher twirling in a wedding gown, singing “I Could Have Danced All Night” from My Fair Lady? She was testing if she could actually move in her dress to the song she wanted for her first dance.

rachelBut the reason I’m addicted is the phenomenal cast. When Lea Michele, who plays Glee Club diva Rachel, opens her mouth, pure magic comes out. Her voice can probably cure illnesses. Matthew Morrison, who plays the love-torn music teacher, Will, busted out in the last episode,  performing “Bust a Move” while showing off eye-popping dance moves.

That song’s included on the soundtrack, which features some of the show’s most memorable numbers to date (Volume 2 comes out December 8). My faves: “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” (might as well download it directly into my frontal lobe), “Somebody to Love” (I think Freddie Mercury would’ve approved), “Take a Bow” (defiantly sung by Michele) and “Sweet Caroline,” which seduced me completely when Puck (Mark Salling) sang it to Rachel though he’s usually an ass.

In the time it took me to write this, the disc has looped around twice already and I ain’t stoppin’ it. The neighbors might have the cops bust down my door, but first, I’m gonna bust a move.

Nerd verdict: C’mon, get Gleeky


19 responses to “Music Review: GLEE soundtrack

  1. I just wish I was there to see you bust a move, PCN!! I LOVE Glee. I’m with you there regarding musicals in general ~ while I often make an exception, my “Oh, come on,” meter goes off overtime. But somehow, I can cope just fine with the Gleek treatment. The “Single Ladies” scene in the football match had me dancing in the kitchen for a lonnnng time afterwards!! Such a feel good show ~ surely we can’t have too much of that.

  2. “Puck”, “ass”. I see what you did there.

  3. I approve of the GLEEful madness. By all means, Lea Michele is wonderful. Does the disc have the Chenoweth songs too? I swear Carrie Underwood meets her match when Kristin belts Last Name.

  4. PCN, in calling Puck an ass, I thought you were referencing “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” where Puck turns Nick Bottom’s head into an ass head. (Can I say “ass head” here? Wups, did it again.)

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Oh, ha! You gave me too much credit. I wrote that post at 3 in the morning (I’m traveling, a bit jet-lagged) so my brain was in no shape for such an erudite pun. You’re clever for making that connection.

      Or maybe I should just say, er, yes, that’s exactly what I meant.

  5. I had to look up “erudite”. This word, it didn’t mean what I thought it meant. How ironic.

  6. Hey, PCN Its a good thing you´re back. I sensed there was something missing in my mail.
    I´d like to ask you, if you know something about that lovely actor Viggo Mortensen, what´s he doing right now?

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Hi norma,

      Thanks for noticing I was gone. Viggo is now promoting The Road. When I get back to L.A., I’ll be going to a screening of it and Viggo will be there to answer questions. I’ll report on it here.

  7. I love it! LOL. Glad I could help supply a soundtrack for your recent post. I saw the previews for the show before it aired and though…hmmm, I think I want to catch that one. Needless to say, totally missed the first airing…BUT thanks to, I was able to watch it, catch up on the missed episodes and thoroughly look forward to the new ones each (almost) week. Off to “bust a move” on some writing… =0)

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      I liked the pilot when it aired last spring but wasn’t completely bowled over, despite the “Don’t Stop Believin’ ” awesomeness (see above explanation about my resistance to musicals). But I gave it another chance in the fall and am now hooked.

      Isn’t great?

  8. What can I say. I’m a gleek. Though I haven’t found the CD around here (I’ve been searching it like crazy!).

    I agree with you (mostly). The way Glee imputs the song is genious almost all the time. Although there’s been some songs with an almost-classic musical feel, they usually are breathtaking performances just like Lea’s Take a Bow or Amber Riley’s Bust Your Windows.

    I do have some love for musicals, though. I do get annoyed by that “I’m falling in love-let’s sing a song”, I recognize there are some films which have great songs which actually help the story: “Do-Re-Mi” in The Sound of Music, or are just great: “Be Our Guest” in Beauty and the Beast.

    Anyway… Glee started yesterday in Mexico (with some not-so-good subtitling), and I’ve managed to obsess some of my friends with the series as well. They called me asking “You won’t guess what I’m seeing right now”.

    Thanks PCN for the CD review!!!

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      I hope you find a copy soon! Can you at least listen to it online by clicking on the link in the article? Wasn’t sure if it works for international visitors, too.

      I love Beauty and the Beast (though I wouldn’t call it a musical) and think “Be Our Guest” is a great number. It makes me miss the late great Jerry Orbach.

  9. I lie on the floor with Junior and T-wa on either side, and the puppy chewing all our buttons, and we watch glee on hulu on Junior’s computer. And we laugh and laugh and laugh. It’s a real good thing…

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