Bouchercon Daydreams

All week, I’ve been reading reports about Bouchercon 2009, which took place last week in Indianapolis. (To my international readers: It’s an annual mystery convention held in a different U.S. city every year where fans can hobnob with writers.) The festivities sound like a blast (check out blogger Jen Forbus‘s recap), making me really eager for next year’s B’con in San Francisco, which I plan on attending.

I was so excited, I even came up with some panels and authors I’d love to see at the 2010 convention:

  • Lee Child discussing “Maximizing the Hurt in Your Fight Sequences”
  • Sophie Littlefield on “How to Write 50,000 Words a Day and Get Buff Arms While Doing It”
  • Charlie Huston on “Who Needs Quotation Marks?”
  • Harlan Coben on “Deadly Sidekicks Can Wear Pink”
  • Sue Grafton speaking about her next challenge, “Tackling the Chinese Alphabet”
  • Gregg Hurwitz on “Writing Your First Novel at Age 12, Getting Published at 12.5”
  • James Patterson on “Whittling Down Your Chapters to Just One Comma”
  • Robert Crais and Michael Connelly demonstrating “Effective Greco-Roman Wrestling Moves to Subdue Bad Guys” (This panel will cost extra)

If you’re planning on going, which authors and panels would you like to see?


14 responses to “Bouchercon Daydreams

  1. Hey PCN, I think you should run the whole show. Can you imagine??!! Sign me up for whatever, I’m ready to roll…

  2. I’m thinking Robert Crais might pass on the wrestling moves, maybe focus on scrounging up vegetarian fare on the fly without ever stepping into an actual market.

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Oh, I think Crais would love the wrestling because of the short little outfit he’d get to wear. And he’s no vegetarian.

  3. PCN! I’ll be at Bouchercon in SF next year so we will finally be able to meet!

  4. PCN…Bouchercon is a must! Total fun always had by all. And next year in SF? Couldn’t be better than that! Can’t wait.

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Hi Brett, Sophie told me about you and I went to the library to get The Cleaner. I’m fascinated by people in that profession. Do you need a college degree to do that?

  5. I’d be willing to pay extra for your Robert Crais/Michael Connelly Greco-Roman demonstration, PCN, not to mention Sophie’s bicep technique. I like where your mind goes.

    • Pop Culture Nerd

      Oh good, you can make the check out to me. I’ll tape the session for posterity, too.

      I’m glad you like where my mind wanders. It makes me worry a little less about whether or not I need medical attention.

  6. That’s a line-up! I wholeheartedly agree with Shell:

    I like where your mind goes.

    Thanks, PCN.

  7. hahahaha! This is hilarious! Love the Patterson panel…even though I’d probably skip it! You would have to add Michael Koryta to Gregg’s panel. Too fun!

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