Monday Night Madness

Photo: Mike Yarish/Fox

Photo: Mike Yarish/Fox

OK, I probably talk about Hugh Laurie a little too much around here but I love how, one night after the television academy denied him an Emmy, he showed them up with a brilliant performance in the season 6 House premiere that’s probably one of his best in the show’s history. In your face, TV Academy! Awesomeness is the best revenge.

This episode, which takes place solely in the Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital, was so good, I didn’t miss House’s team or Cuddy, not even when House got it on with Franka Potente. My favorite things:

  • Tony-winner Lin-Manuel Miranda as House’s rapping roommie, Alvie. His energy was so infectious, I could see why he didn’t want to take his meds if they dampened it. Too bad we won’t get to see more of him.
  • That rap Alvie did with House!
  • House being constantly outwitted by Dr. Nolan (a formidable Andre Braugher). It’s nice to see House humbled and not always getting away with his abusive behavior.
  • The quiet grace Franka Potente brought to Lydia. Quite a difference from the kinetic Lola in Tom Tykwer’s film.
  • Megan Dodds as the unflappable Dr. Beasley. Fun fact: She and Laurie both recurred on the British series Spooks aka MI-5, he as a blowsy bureaucrat and she as a CIA agent.

After House, I switched over to ABC’s Castle to catch one of my favorite mystery authors, Michael Connelly, in a cameo. Sometimes non-actors can give really stiff line readings but I think Connelly did a nice job, with a touch of his trademark dryness that amuses me. It was fun to hear Harry Bosch getting a shout-out.

I also recorded Heroes but haven’t had time to watch it yet. It’s been infected by major suckage in recent seasons but I don’t know why I haven’t given up on it yet. Watching the premiere ep might decide it for me.

I love this time of year when new network series premiere, old favorites come back and my DVR is full. It’s been woefully empty all summer, when I stop watching TV due to all the reality trash.

What did you think of this mold-breaking House episode? What else are you watching or looking forward to this season? Which mystery author would you like to see on Castle next? Vote below!


9 responses to “Monday Night Madness

  1. Ack, I don’t know how long we’ll have to wait for this but hopefully – NOT long. 🙂 I’m hanging out for it, and sorry to confess, I’m looking forward to NCIS’s return next week and the LA version’s debut. Bring all my faves back right now, I say – but I know they aren’t listening to me.

    • Oh, I hope you get it soon down there! The episode was outstanding.

      I’ve never seen NCIS but the season premiere was last night here. The L.A. version also debuted and I recorded but haven’t watched it yet. Chris O’Donnell is too bland for me but I like LL Cool J so I’m curious.

  2. I’m anxiously awaiting the return of The Mentalist. That show rocks! just the right amount of serious and funny.

  3. You know, PCN, I don’t watch this show. Not to say I don’t want to – I do. I have seen it. And I have really enjoyed what I’ve seen (mainly for Laurie). It’s just that when the TV Fall schedule gets going, the kids are back in school (and there’s homework, getting the kids scrubbed, in bed, and told to get back in bed). So, it’s the later shows (cable included) that my wife and I get to watch (right before we collapse from exhaustion).

    I’ve also heard great things about Castle, too. I’m probably going to pick the 1st season up on DVD and catch up, soon. Plus, having the underrated Nathan Fillion starring, along with real mystery writers making regular cameos, is a real plus. Thanks for review and replay, PCN. You’re the best!

    • I understand your lack of time for TV. I’ve voluntarily spent time doing caretaking duties for little nieces and nephews (bathing, changing diapers, getting them to school, the whole shebang) and I always pass out sideways on my bed at the end of the day, happy but exhausted.

      I don’t think Castle is a great show (no heat between the leads) but I do like Nathan Fillion and enjoy seeing writers on there. I only watch it when there’s a good author on. BTW, I added a poll in the post to find out who people would like to see next on the show. Please vote!

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