Emmys Fashion Roundup

There were very few standouts for me but I can’t do a recap without covering the fashion, right? Here are some of the best and worst.

Three-way tie for Best Dressed:

Actress Sigourney Weaver arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awar

Photo: Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Sigourney Weaver. How magnificent does she look? When I grow up, I want to be this classy.

Photo by Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Photo by Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Olivia Wilde. Not many people can pull this off. It’s a risky, sexy look but still appropriate for a prime-time awards show. And it fits her like a second skin.

Photo: Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Photo: Mathew Imaging/WireImage

January Jones. There’s nothing retro about this gown. I love its futuristic, architectural design.

Most Convincing Argument that She’s a Grown-Up:


Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Blake Lively. She made it very clear she’s not a girl but a smokin’ hot Woman.

Worst Attempts at Adulthood: (tie)

Actress Leighton Meester arrives at the 61st Primetime Emmy Awar

Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Lively’s Gossip Girl co-star, Leighton Meester. She looked tired, greasy and messy and I didn’t know why she carried two baby bunnies around on her shoulders all night.

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Hayden Panettiere. Her face hasn’t lost all its baby fat but for some reason, she thinks she’s 50 years old. That hairdo and dress would look too old on Helen Mirren. She’s a pretty girl who shouldn’t try to grow up too fast.

Worst Halloween Costume:

Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Mathew Imaging/WireImage

Kristen Wiig. I LOVE her but this looks like she couldn’t decide if she wanted to be Darth Vader or Spider-Man.

Which dresses were your favorites? Anybody frightened you with their fashion choices?

4 responses to “Emmys Fashion Roundup

  1. Ha! I am so with you on most of these fashion reviews. Sigourney Weaver might have lost the Emmy but she stole the show with that dress…wow, you’ve come a long way, Ripley! 🙂

  2. Olivia Wilde was the real standout for me last night.

  3. Agree with all your thumbs up choices, but wonder why you neglected a shout out to Sandra Oh?

    Yes, I do believe Kristen Wiig needs a lightsaber.

  4. Olivia Wilde’s kind of looks like a crazed stalker attacked her wedding dress and she wore it anyway …

    but I love it!

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