More Info About Seeing AVATAR 3D Trailer for Free August 21

avatarposterAs promised, here’s an update on how you can get free tickets to see 16 minutes of James Cameron’s Avatar in 3D at select IMAX theaters next Friday, August 21. (UPDATE: Read my reactions to the footage here and see the teaser trailer here.)

The Hollywood Reporter says that starting Monday, August 17, tickets can be reserved online via (UPDATE: Le0pard13 sent me this L.A. Times link which says the site will start taking reservations at noon PST). Each party will only be able to reserve 2 tickets and the trailer will be shown between 6-7 p.m. at most venues. No word yet on what time the website will start taking reservations or which theaters are participating. I’ll post the info as soon as I hear but if you’re really interested in the sneak peek, I’d suggest bookmarking the site and checking in early on Monday.

The movie opens December 18, 2009.

6 responses to “More Info About Seeing AVATAR 3D Trailer for Free August 21

  1. Hi,

    I followed the link, but didn’t find any place I could sign up for tickets. Am I just to darn eager?

  2. Thanks for this, PCN!

  3. Anyone been successful in getting through? Got through to but no theaters are displaying. Others at work are hitting the ‘connect timed out’ wall.

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