Nerdvana or Substandnerd?

Some interesting entertainment news were announced recently and I’m not sure how I feel about them so I thought I’d ask your opinions. Vote “Nerdvana” if it makes you euphoric; “Substandnerd” if you think the idea is subpar. See if others agree with you and post any additional thoughts in the comments section.


6 responses to “Nerdvana or Substandnerd?

  1. Still reeling from the Paula Abdul news! How am I gonna watch “Idol” next season without her particular brand of crazy?? Man, all this nerdvana is killing me… 🙂

  2. Hohoho… I ‘went with the flow’… hilarious…

    But yeah…. the only things that ‘Geexited’ me was finding out about The Rockford Files.

  3. yeti9000, I usually fast forward through all her critiques and yet I think I’m gonna miss her. The freak show needs her.

    Poncho, I like the geexitement! Are you a Rockford fan? Who do you think should play him?

    • I’m more of a David Shore fan, as a matter of fact. But I do like Rockford, LOL. The thing is, I can’t think of anyone for the part (it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t find him).

      I think of myself as a lousy casting director, by the way.

  4. Good riddance on Abdul. I found her funny at first and then I realized it wasn’t an act and THEN I SAW WHAT SHE GOT PAID!!! WTF? They should just bring people in off the street and sit in Paula’s chair. No one would notice. Usually fast forwarded past her commentary anyway.

    Spielberg should keep his hands off HARVEY. You can’t do better than Jimmy Stewart. I’d feel the same way if they tried to remake IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. (Geez, watch out someone will try…)

    Is Jennifer Aniston still trying to be a movie star? C’mon, go back to TV!

    And why remake The Rockford Files? Can’t Hollywood just make a good show about a freelance detective without making us miss James Garner?

    I’m not old, people, but I have seen these classic pieces of entertainment on late-night cable and even I know they shouldn’t be messed with.

    Why not remake something that sucked?

  5. So will NOT be missing Paula. She was crazy times 100. Even on that rare occasion when she was able to put a full sentence together, she made no sense. I have read where some critics suggested it was all an act, but I gotta tell ya, she was no actress. Not trying to hate, just being honest.

    Jennifer Aniston is like Paris and Perez Hilton to me, I just keep hoping they will go away.

    Boo to Spielberg for messing with a classic.

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