Kick Some Ass, Get a Scholarship

Lee Child by Sigrid Estrada

Lee Child (Sigrid Estrada)

England’s The Guardian reports that thriller writer Lee Child has established several scholarships named after his fictional hero Jack Reacher for students going to Sheffield University, Child’s alma mater.

I think this is the coolest thing. Not only is it incredibly generous of Child to do this, can you imagine saying “I’m going to university on a full Reacher scholarship?” Do you have to get straight As to qualify or can you just kick some bullies’ asses? Either way, you’re making the school a better place.

If you could go/could have gone to college on a scholarship named after a fictional character, who would it be? I would’ve hustled for a Wonder Woman [“I got through Ivy League via the Justice League”], James Bond [“My GPA was four-point-double 0”] or Sherlock Holmes [“Professor Moriarty from Criminology hated me”] scholarship.


12 responses to “Kick Some Ass, Get a Scholarship

  1. LOL ~ I love your choices, PCN! I’d try for the Sherlock Holmes one – if Robert Downey Jr was there to bestow it on me…

  2. I would like the Parker Scholarship please. Parker is the incredible badass of Richard Stark’s (aka Donald Westlake) series of raw novels.
    Since he is a freelance thief, it should also come with a big bag of money. And, of course, the scholarship should be to Haaavaaard.

  3. And if you received the full Reacher Scholarship, do you have to come to college with just the clothes on your back? No personal belongings?

    Call me silly, but I would like to have been educated on the Winnie the Pooh Scholarship. Perhaps Tigger could have been a roommate.

  4. Oh I definitely would like to have had a full Scarlett O’Hara scholarship: business savvy woman who looks good while she’s outsmarting the men and overstepping boundaries!

    This is generous of Child; great publicity ploy as well.

  5. I’d love to get a Doctor of Philosophy on a Siddartha Scholarship. I wouldn’t have to get all “A”s, taking the middle path with a “C” would be sublime. This would come after getting my undergrad degree from Duke on a Myron Bolitar soccer scholarship. I think Myron played basketball, but I’m better at soccer.

  6. I’d love to study child psychology on a Harry Potter scholarship. I’d be promoting the message that children can overcome great adversity to become great leaders.

  7. I wish I could have had a Yoda scholarship for my English undergrad studies. That way, when I was hungover and my papers had bad syntax, my professors would have just thought I was being wise.

  8. Shelley P, if RDJ’s bestowing scholarships, I’d try for 9 different degrees and never leave school.

    ARB, if you had that bag of money, would you stay in school or leave the country?

    Reader#9, ha! Reacher scholars are allowed a travel toothbrush. I’d love a Pooh scholarship, especially if it comes with tubs o’ honey.

    novelwhore, good one! And the scholarship should include room & board in a white Colonial.

    Debbie, I’ll adopt that philosophy, too, if Cs are considered sublime. And I didn’t know you played soccer! (Wonder what I’d have to do to get a Win scholarship. Yikes.)

    Hayley, though the HP scholarship doesn’t exist (yet), I hope you get to accomplish your goal.

    Lenore, I should’ve used that excuse with my teachers! (Not that I was ever hungover, more like lazy.)

  9. Presenting….THE GANDALF the GREY SCHOLARSHIP!!! YAY!! Betcha they give me a cool staff and a really cool robe, too.

    Yes, I am indeed immature.

  10. I went to the New Amsterdam School for Bartending on a Dortmunder Scholarship, but I flunked out.

  11. How about a Frodo Scholarship (Fellowship?) to study Podiatry?

  12. BIZMAN5, one can never be too old for a cool staff and robe.

    Corey, ha! I hear in the Dortmunder profession, you don’t need a degree anyway.

    EIREGO, I ain’t putting my hands on hairy Hobbit feet, scholarship or no.

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