Breaking News About James Cameron’s AVATAR

James Cameron showed 25 minutes of Avatar at Comic-Con today and the reactions range from “jaw-dropping,” “gasp-worthy,” “indescribable” to “historic.” Since the lucky people who got to see it are having a hard time putting their feelings into words, I’m glad we’ll get a chance to see it for ourselves…NEXT MONTH!

That’s right, we won’t have to wait until Dec. 18 to get a glimpse of this movie. tweeted this about 10 minutes ago: “Avatar Day is Aug. 21 – See 15 minutes of footage in IMAX 3D for free! More details to come!” I’ll keep you updated.

Meanwhile, check out these stills from the movie. Who’s gonna be in line next month like me?



10 responses to “Breaking News About James Cameron’s AVATAR

  1. That sounds like fun, PCN. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I’ve heard about this thing, but I never read any of the books or video game…it looks beautiful. It’s not one of those he-man movies is it? They scare me.

  3. OMG!!! I am so glad I have you to keep me abreast of these things! I am dying to see this movie, and to see even a glimpse of it, for free? WOW!

    Even my IMAX-induced motion sickness can’t keep me away from this. Please let me know when you are going and we can try and go together! πŸ™‚

    • popculturenerd

      You keep me updated on where to get free food! We should definitely go together. Another regular commenter here, le0pard13, says that ginger pills help with movie motion sickness aka Handheld Camera Syndrome. You should look into them; don’t want you barfing on my shoes.

  4. Been hearing a lot of great things about this, but knew nothing about the Imax preview.

    Please let me know more as soon as it’s available.

  5. OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe it. This has to be one of my most expected pictures.

    And plus, I got to see some pictures of the concept art that WarnerBros has for the Thundercats flick!! WOOOO Check it out:

    Today has to be one of my happiest days (darn, I’m sooo superficial!).

    • popculturenerd

      I don’t know anything about Thundercats but that’s some amazing artwork.

      And there’s nothing wrong with allowing movies to make you happy!

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