Teaser Trailer for Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

ain wonderland

Oh man, this is WILD. Check out the teaser trailer below and tell me what you think. Johnny Depp seems even loopier as the Mad Hatter than as Captain Jack and I love it when he brings the wackiness.

If this doesn’t at least get visual FX Oscar nominations in 2011 (since it isn’t coming out until March 5, 2010), I’ll eat my feet.

13 responses to “Teaser Trailer for Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND!

  1. We’re doing it again, PCN 😉

  2. popculturenerd


  3. i want to see it but i still say the Mad Hatter is sooo flipping creepy and not in a good way…

  4. Heard Disney keeps ripping this down. Wish I had the chance to see it before they got to you…

    Will keep checking back.

  5. Can’t see it. Damn it, country-related-restrictions!

    And I haven’t found it anywhere else on the web.

    • popculturenerd

      Poncho, it’s not country-related restrictions. Disney pulled all videos because they wanted to show the trailer first at Comic-Con, which they did today. The trailer will probably be back up on the Internet by this evening.

    • popculturenerd

      UPDATE: The video is working again so check it out!

  6. OMIGOD!!!

    That was sooooo trippy! I can’t wait til 2010……What the heck? What a tease!!!!

    Mean-ness, thy name is DEPP! Or perhaps BURTON!

  7. AWESOME!! I can’t wait!

  8. Ok, so what is the English word for I’m-so-looking-forward-to-seeing-this incredible-huge-amazing-stunning-movie-by-genius-Tim-Burton-starring-Depp-a.k.a.-best-actor-ever?!! 😉

    PS: I’ve been using Johnny Depp’s picture as the Mad hatter (from your previous article about the movie) as my desktop wallpaper for over a month now and I can’t grow tired of it! 🙂

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