Winner of Signed Galley of Kathryn Casey’s BLOOD LINES

Instead of using, I chose this very scientific method for the giveaway drawing: I wrote names of interested parties on folded strips of paper, put them in a hat, mixed them up, walked over to my neighbors’ place and asked their adorable 3-year-old daughter Mia to draw one out (she was awarded a small bouquet of balloons for her assistance).

And the name she selected was…(yes, I got permission to post her picture here)

mia picks the winner

Congratulations, Shelley P! Please let me know how you’d like the galley inscribed and where you’d like it sent. I’ll pass along the info to Kathryn Casey, who will sign and ship the ARC to you directly.

Thanks to all who participated. If you didn’t win, Blood Lines will be available for purchase July 21. And there will be giveaways of other stuff so maybe next time!

13 responses to “Winner of Signed Galley of Kathryn Casey’s BLOOD LINES

  1. Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!! Now I’m REALLY doing a happy dance {and it still won’t be going up on You Tube}. {Are there two Shelley Ps? Please tell me I’m not dreaming. I just asked my hubby to pinch me. He enjoyed it a little much for my liking.}

    Thank you so much, Mia. You are adorable {and I’m not just saying that because you picked my name out}.

    Thank you, PCN and thank you, Kathryn Casey. You are both very generous!

    • I’m glad for you, Aussie girl!
      Give us some dance! 😉
      What a cute method of choosing a winner, PCN, great idea!
      And the picture is lovely!

    • popculturenerd

      No two ShelleyPs here. You’re it! I’m glad I could help make you AND your husband happy! 😉

      Kathryn has received your info and said she’ll drop it in the post tomorrow. Please let me know when you receive it. Enjoy!

  2. At first I was bitter, then I saw Mia’s picture. She’s got a really infectious smile!

    Congrats Shelly P!

  3. Congratulations ShellieP!!

    (I just had to contain my very own green-eyed monster)

  4. Shelly, do you have your book yet? I did mail the next day! They made me fill out a form for Homeland Security, one they’ll keep on file for a month. Just in case the book blows up! LOL

    • Hi Kathryn – Yay, thanks so much, your book indeed safely arrived a couple of days ago. I’m finding it almost impossible to put down between reads, and a lovely human balance between the crime/mysteries and Sarah Armstrong’s personal life. I’m thoroughly enjoying it! Thanks again and all the best for its release. I hope it sells like hotcakes – it should.

    • popculturenerd


      Is it too late to add a blurb to your book which reads, “‘An explosive novel!’—Department of Homeland Security”? I think that’d be arresting publicity!

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