Trailer for Mark Burnett’s EXPEDITION AFRICA

I received the following e-mail from my brother Thuy and wanted to share it so I can brag about him (I did get his permission to post it.) He edited and produced the trailer below, as well as several other commercials for Mark Burnett’s new 8-part reality series, Expedition Africa, which starts airing May 31 at 10PM/9C on the History Channel. Check it out—it looks amazing!


I’ve been busy the past few months working on a launch campaign and theatrical trailer for Executive Producer Mark Burnett’s latest show, Expedition Africa. Burnett is the producer behind tons of shows like Survivor, The Apprentice, to name a few.

You may remember HM Stanley’s quote “Dr. Livingstone, I presume.” This show is about 4 modern-day explorers retracing Stanley‘s journey across Africa 130 years ago to find Dr. David Livingstone. They do so with nothing but a compass and old maps (and I guess a camera crew following them but let’s not go there…ha ha).

The trailer is playing in most cinemas nationwide, before movies like Star Trek and a lot of the other big summer movies. So if you go out and watch a movie, you might see it in surround sound!! Many of the other commercials are airing on various networks, so if you see some of them, they were from me!! Enjoy!

4 responses to “Trailer for Mark Burnett’s EXPEDITION AFRICA

  1. I’m sorry I have to start off your comment board
    on a bad note but that’s exactly what Expedition
    Africa is a big Bored Fest . Ask yourself this how can four rather dull lumps turn such an Exciting time in History into a nothingness ! Easy their there ! The best part
    is the first day they start their “Expedition” with
    no water ! Then they can’t find their way out of the mangrove swamp ( I can’t believe I’m saying this but where Bear Grylis when you need him ?)
    The show should be about the Masi Warriors –
    Lov it when one says that he can’t get lost in the bush – Ahh Masi Warriors don’t leave home without them ! Do us all a favor and put the spear to good use Lol…..

    • popculturenerd

      Welcome, Humbolt! No apologies needed if you found the show boring. I welcome all opinions here as long as they’re respectfully and intelligently articulated.

      I must admit I didn’t watch the show since my brother only edited and produced the trailers and didn’t have anything to do with the actual program. I didn’t know who the Masi Warriors were so I looked them up and think a show about them would be interesting!

  2. PASQUALE ROCKS! Benedict eats his dogs….and insects. Mireya is looking too good….ought to be a crime gorgeous! Hang in there Kevin , you are second on the coolness scale!

    • popculturenerd


      You are hilarious. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Hope you visit often.

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