Eat This Up–The JULIE & JULIA Trailer is Here!

2009_julie_and_julia_003I know that’s Meryl Streep in the trailer (see it below) but her voice and look are uncannily like the famous chef’s. I freaked for a moment: “Julia Child is dead! How can she be in this movie?!”

“Based on two true stories,” the feature is about Child finding her calling and a woman named Julie, played by Amy Adams, searching for a purpose in life by cooking her way through one of Child’s cookbooks in one year. The trailer looks so-so, but it’s got Streep and Adams and Stanley Tucci and Jane Lynch and Mary Lynn “Chloe” Rajskub (who has the funniest line in the trailer) so it has to be smart and witty, right?

What do you think? Gonna see it when it comes out August 7? (UPDATE: I went to a screening. See my review here.)

18 responses to “Eat This Up–The JULIE & JULIA Trailer is Here!

  1. Normally, if a trailer doesn’t have at least one potentially mysterious death, hand-to-hand combat, or some haunting sci-fi aspect, I’m not really intrigued. But, you know, this one suckered me in. Likely, because my wife has always been into cooking, and Julia Child. Thanks for this.

    • popculturenerd

      I’m with you. Gasp-inducing explosions and car chases, shootouts, and never-before-seen martial arts moves get me REALLY excited. The Bourne movies just popped into my head as I wrote this because that fight scene with the rolled-up magazine is so memorable. And the shootout from The Untouchables with the baby carriage? Heart-stopping!

      Having said that, I like anything as long as it has a good story and is well executed. I really like the actors in this movie—director Nora Ephron is iffy; could be good, could be bad—so I’m willing to check it out.

  2. I loved the book and what a cast! High hopes.

  3. Love the look of this, PCN! And anything with a decent helping of France in it is already over the line for me.

  4. Nice trailer, thank you PCN! I didn’t know about this Julia Child until now, the combination of the 2 stories sound interesting. And anything including Meryl Streep in the cast is mouth-watering!

    +1 for ShelleyP about the French context and references! It’s cool to see that the movie helps promoting (like Julia Child did) our exquisite unbeatable French “cuisine” (cooking)! Bon Appétit! 😉

  5. Bon Appétit, bien sur, Julien! Isn’t it lucky that we don’t put on weight from watching spectacular food.

    • popculturenerd

      That’s not true, ShelleyP. After seeing gorgeous food on screen, I have to go out and eat everything I’d just seen. It’s quite hazardous.

      • Well, I will probably make both of you envious, but as for me, I can eat as much sugar and as many rich delicious dishes as I want and not affect my fit shape!
        But PCN, you’re absolutely right, watching that kind of films usually makes you hungry! So be careful, girls (or let’s exchange some genes so that you get my unreal metabolism and I can finally gain some additionalk weight!)!
        Or watch “The machinist”, “We feed the world” and “Hunger”, while I’ll try to improve my diet with “Super size me” and Marco Ferreri’s “La grande bouffe”! 😉

        ShelleyP, keep on using French words, I like that, thanks! And don’t eat too many ANZAC biscuits! Yes, I’m working on my Aussie culture as well!

        • Julien, j’ai cuit les biscuits ANZAC la semaine dernière, mais je n’ai pas mangé beaucoup! Formidable ~ you’re indeed becoming an Aussie expert.

          ANZAC bikkies, in case you haven’t heard of them PCN {I know you’re interested in these things}, were traditionally made and sent over in care packages for our soldiers in WWI and were renamed ANZAC biscuits after the Gallipoli landing. They are commercially made nowadays but often homebaked for Australian bikkie jars any time of year – and especially for ANZAC Day on 25th April. Rolled oats, coconut, flour, Golden Syrup, sugar – white wholesome and very tasty!

          • popculturenerd

            Thanks for the education on ANZAC bikkies, ShelleyP—I AM interested in those things and find the history interesting. I’d never heard of them before. When I make it to Australia (and I will someday), I’m going to try some!

            • When you make it to Australia someday, PCN, I will make you some 😉 .

              • Yes ShelleyP, thanks for your explanations (and for your lovely French sentence!) and please note that I’d like to have some bikkies too, like PCN! 😉

                And when you girls come to France, I’ll prepare for you a typical French meal! (You definitely have to eat some “foie gras” with a sip of French Sauternes, it’s so exquisite you will want to sell your soul for it!)

              • popculturenerd

                I’m going to hold you both to that, ShelleyP and Julien!

                • Me too ~ moi aussi! {I sometimes catch myself using ‘aussie’ instead of ‘aussi’!}

                  • Well, I guess we have a deal then girls! 😉
                    ShelleyP will offer us an Aussie special, I’ll go with the typical French meal and our dear PCN could maybe cook some Vietnamese food for us? Or how to travel around the world just by eating!
                    How nice would that be, huh?!

                    • popculturenerd

                      I’d be happy to take you to a good, authentic Vietnamese restaurant since I’m not so good at cooking it myself. I do excel in eating it!

                      There was a time when I did a lot of traveling and I’d seek out a Vietnamese restaurant everywhere I went and graded them. I was surprised to find one in Berlin which was authentic and very good, though the servings were small. The owner was Vietnamese and said this was because Germans couldn’t finish the huge servings we’re used to. I asked her to double the size on everything I ordered and paid double the price but it was worth it!

  6. {QUITE wholesome!!}

  7. I like it and am a HUGE fan of both women, but I wish the trailer felt like more of an appetizer and less of a three-course meal.

    Probably still go see it though.

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