Hang with Leo, Save the World

Happy Tax Day!

leonardo dicaprioWanna know how you can get a cool tax write-off next year? By clicking here and bidding on autographed memorabilia from Leonardo DiCaprio’s movies and a chance to spend time with the man himself at the premiere of his movie Shutter Island, which opens October 2. Also up for grabs are guitars signed by top recording artists. If I could offer myself up for auction, I would, but I think the organizers are trying to raise money.

The proceeds go to Global Green USA, which combats global warming and is working to rebuild New Orleans in an earth-conscious way. Check with your accountant but I believe the money you spend would count as a charitable donation.

The auctions begins today at 7 p.m. PST and will end next week on Earth Day, April 22.

I’m hoping I win the Titanic replica…


4 responses to “Hang with Leo, Save the World

  1. It’s great of you to highlight this, PCN ~ what an excellent idea and cause. {Is it just me, or is Leo looking a bit Errol Flynn-like? Though eternally younger, of course.}

  2. Yes, it does qualify as a write off and I am behind what the group is trying to do. Think they’ll auction off the gem from Titanic?

  3. Hola que tal Leonardo di caprio, soy una admiradora tuya y me encantan tus peliculas un saludo

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