AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 – And Then There Were 9

michael-sarver-american-idolUnlike last week when Alexis Grace was rudely cut, I think America got it right this week. Michael Sarver was sent home but he took it graciously. At one point, when he was standing there with Matt Giraud and Scott MacIntyre as the bottom three, Ryan asked Randy who didn’t deserve to be there. Michael immediately pointed to Matt and that was big of him.

Speaking of Matt, he was shockingly called out as the first contestant in the bottom three and the audience booed loudly, as did I at home. He was sexycool last night with his “Let’s Get It On” proposition so I’m glad he survived the ax. 

So it’s down to Adam, Allison, Anoop, Danny, Kris, Lil, Matt, Megan and Scott fighting for the crown. Who am I kidding? Only about half of those people have a chance of winning. Next week, Scott should go home. That guy is hilarious with his quips and pink pants but his actual singing makes me feel like I just took a whole pack of Benadryl.

Do you think Michael deserved to go home? Why isn’t Matt getting any love when he’s good-looking and sings better than at least two people who were safe last night?


7 responses to “AMERICAN IDOL Season 8 – And Then There Were 9

  1. I agree Scott is obviously next to go. Nothing to hate on except the creepiness of Joss Stone and Smokey Robinson singing a love song to each other. Big fan of Smokey, but made my skin crawl a little bit.

  2. As long as my Adam gets through, I’m happy….But I do agree the Smokey/Joss duet was strange.

  3. Not surprised they got rid of Sarver last night, but I kinda wish it had been Scott.

    Still losing interest on the season though.

  4. Still wondering why Scott is up there. The guest performers are kinda lame lately as well…eeks, little negativity on my part. I just thought this seasons performers were going to be so much better.

  5. I don’t think there were any surprises last night.

  6. Ha! I am so with you on the Scott front…blind or not, the dude has got to go! Urgh…he is so awful. Glad to see Michael gone too, seriously, if they played that clip of his backstory again, I was gonna lose it…we get it dude, you work on an oil rig! Yikes…

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