After years of anticipation, we finally get a taste of what Spike Jonze has been working on. Watch the trailer below or click here for the HD version.

I like it, how it’s more a music montage (with song by Arcade Fire) with text in a font where some of the letters are hairy and others have teeth. The Village Roadshow logo has a nice chunk bitten out of it. But mostly I like how it makes me feel like a kid without being too cutesy or precious. With Jonze at the helm, it will at least be interesting.

What did you think? Are you gonna line up October 16? (UPDATE: Read review here.)


7 responses to “WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE Trailer is Here!

  1. I AM TOTALLY ON BOARD WITH THAT!!! Now that is something I would camp out in line for!

  2. All I can say is….WOW.

  3. Finally! Here come the good films!

  4. I hate to be a follower……BUT “WOOOO-HOOO”!

  5. I will definitely be seeing this movie. I love Spike Jonze and Dave Eggers. I’m also really excited to see the other movie that Dave Eggers co-wrote with Vendela Vida, Away We Go. It looks great!

    • I think Away We Go looks good, too! With those writers, that cast and Sam Mendes as director, I don’t know how it can’t be good. (For those who haven’t seen the trailer, click here.) Allison Janney is hilarious.

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