Congratulations to Viktoria of North Hollywood, CA, who won the black tour T-shirt and tomato seeds from the Angel Corporation! Viktoria sent along these pictures of her wearing the shirt and, um, the ketchup she made from the homegrown tomatoes. 😉

The contest question was “If you had a splat gun, what would you fill it with and why?” Viktoria’s response was: “I would fill my splat gun with either a forget charm or truth serum depending upon which I need more at the time.”

Viktoria was randomly selected from all subscribers who submitted answers. Thank you to everyone who participated and keep your eyes peeled for future giveaways!


12 responses to “Winner of WHITE WITCH, BLACK CURSE Prizes

  1. Way to go, Viktoria!

  2. Oh, MAN!!! I kinda wanted that….NEXT TIME!!!

  3. Uh-huh….it was rigged, I know! (LOL) Congrats, Viktoria!

  4. it was not rigged, i just wanted what everyone would’ve wanted in the hollows world. besides, knowing rachel, she would need both types of splat balls in her splat gun sooner or later (mostly sooner the better). ;-D i was actually surprised i won, since i rarely win anything ( i think i have bad luck sometimes). ;-P

    • I think FFBUFF8 was just kidding, drkprncsangl. It definitely wasn’t rigged because I don’t even know you!

      I’m glad the items were won by a true fan. The package has been shipped, by the way. Let me know what you think when you receive it because I think the T-shirt is super cool!

  5. i know he was joking, i was smiling the whole time since i thought they were funny actually. 😀 the tomato seeds are going to my dad since we LOVE tomatoes (i think that makes us inderlanders huh). ;-P ;-D and the shirt is for me.

    • popculturenerd

      Yay! I’m glad you love tomatoes and will actually plant the seeds. And I think you’ll look pretty cool in the tee.

  6. lol let me guess, you want to see a pic of me in the t-shirt when it arrives?? now’s a perfect time to start planting the seeds. i wonder what breed of tomatoes they are.

    • popculturenerd

      Ooh, I’d love a picture of you in the T-shirt if you want to send one! But it’s odd it hasn’t arrived yet; it was sent this past Tuesday morning. I hope it gets there this weekend or early next week at the latest.

      I have no idea what breed tomatoes they are so let me know when you find out. You’ve piqued my curiosity. I used to help my mom plant tomatoes when I was a kid but this was a long time ago.

  7. yeah, my dad would know which breed they are since he gardens and his dad used to before he passed away. i’d be glad to send a pic of me in the t-shirt. ;-D ;-p

  8. I GOT IT! I GOT IT! WOOHOO! it came through the post office rather than FEDEX or UPS. i don’t know how to post any pictures on here. i took some pictures of me (w/ the shirt on) a moment ago. did you want me to email them? and the tomatoes are a beefsteak breed. my dad says that they are more on the rare side, meaning they are harder to get or grow. i don’t really know what exactly he meant. so let me know about how to send the pictures.

    • Your pics have been added above. Thanks for sending them! I hope your dad can make those rare tomatoes grow.

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