SAG Awards — Funniest & Lamest Moments, Plus Fashion!

Though I got to vote for these awards, the show kinda bored me. Out of the 15 categories, I’d voted for 9 of the winners. If you just want a list, click here. If you want to hear about the funny and weird moments, read on.

I’m handing out my Nerdies for the following categories (I know it’s a nerdy name for an “award” but that’s the point):


Best Oh-No-She-Didn’t Moment: Tina Fey’s acceptance speech for female actor in a comedy series. She said someday her daughter Alice will be old enough to watch 30 Rock on the Internet and ask, “What do you mean you don’t get residuals for this?” Fey then said, “Take care of me when I’m old and broke!” She’s referring, of course, to the current bitter discourse between actors and producers who don’t want to pay residuals for Internet usage. She was able to land a punch while still being funny and that’s why she’s cleaning up on the awards circuit.

Most Likely to Owe Tina Fey a Residual Check: When accepting the TV drama ensemble award for Mad Men, Jon Hamm thanked their “dozens of viewers” and got a laugh. Fey said the exact same thing when her series won the best comedy Emmy in 2007. Even recycled, Fey’s lines are funny.

Most Likely to Make You Feel Like a Slacker: 7-year-old Aaron Hart, who won an Actor as part of Mad Men‘s cast. At seven years old, I think I was still putting my clothes on backwards.


Funniest Unintentional Transition: John Krasinski and Amy Poehler doing an amusing melodramatic bit (Krasinski: “I swear to God, if you keep pushing me away, next time I will not come back!” Poehler: “Fine, leave and take your broken dreams with you!”) before reading the nominees for Outstanding Female Actor in a Drama Series. Cut to a clip of Sally Field from Brothers & Sisters, doing the exact same kind of over-the-top acting they were parodying! Plus, she won!

Hottest Male I Saw All Night: Was it wrong of me to think, “Yowza!” when I saw a clip of a young, shirtless Paul Newman in the In Memorium montage? I knew I was supposed to be all sad and reverential (and I was) but dang, he was smokin’! 

Most Unsung Heroes: Brian and Susan, crafts services people thanked by Hugh Laurie for making “the finest cheesy eggs this side of the Rio Grande.” Forget agents and publicists—I second Laurie’s notion that without cheesy eggs in the morning, an actor cannot do his job! By the way, I love, love, love that Laurie won. My friends were saying, “Jon Hamm” and I was all, “Uh-uh, Hugh rules.” 


Best Person to Teach Speech-Giving Classes: Meryl Streep, who was exuberant, funny, classy, heartfelt, and eloquent without having to resort to lists and sheets of paper. Plus, though she didn’t expect to win (saying she didn’t even buy a dress and showing her pants as proof), there was no hyperventilating involved. Are you taking notes, Kate? 

Most in Need of Streep’s Speech-Giving Classes: Jane Krakowski, who accepted the outstanding comedy ensemble award on behalf of the 30 Rock cast and should never be allowed to again. She said though she’d previously won as part of the Ally McBeal cast, this cast was “a thousand times heavier.” I’m assuming she was referring to the skinny women in the McBeal cast and their rumored weight issues but the remark was lame and absolutely unnecessary. Her “joke” was the “heaviest” dud of the evening. 

america2Most Unfortunate Name Confusion: America Ferrera, in her dull-colored Vera Wang with an inexplicable black tulle sash across her bodice that made her look like she was trying to be Miss America. The tulle also snaked around her back to give her a huge goiter there. As usual, her hair and make-up were flawless but she definitely needs a different stylist.

dev-patel1Most Improved from the Golden Globes: Freida Pinto. In her flowing lavender gown and upswept hair, she looks like a beautiful princess who’s never been anywhere near a slum. This is a much better look than the weirdly bunched chartreuse bag she wore to the Globes.

Best Dressed (Male): Dev Patel, in his cool and sharp retro tux that made me think of Sammy Davis Jr.

Actress Christina Applegate arrives at the 15th Annual Screen AcBest Dressed (Female): Christina Applegate. I loved how bold she was with this look—the color, the jewelry, the hair and make-up, it’s all good. She looked like no one else there.

What were the best and weirdest moments for you? Who did you think looked great and who was in need of a makeover? Post in the comments!

16 responses to “SAG Awards — Funniest & Lamest Moments, Plus Fashion!

  1. Didn’t watch it, but now I wish I did.

  2. Awww, my tivo f#@!-ed up and didn’t record. Thanks for the re-cap!

  3. Great stuff, but do you happen to have any goodies from the night? Maybe a program? I don’t mind competing for it.

  4. EireGo,

    I do have a program from the event. Does anyone else want one? If not, I’ll just send it to you (if you subscribe). If there’s interest from other people, then I’ll do another trivia question so you can compete for it.

    Thanks for reading.

  5. Ooh, let’s get the gloves off 🙂 {Though maybe I used up my contest luck with the Doubt script!}

    Thanks for the great wrap and Nerdies, PCN. I’m in awe of you remembering details of acceptance speeches from past awards shows – do you take Fish Oil capsules or something?!

    PS: Very happy Hugh Lawrie won.
    PPS: I don’t think there’s anything wrong with admiring Paul Newman, anytime, anyplace.

    • ShelleyP,

      No, I don’t take fish oil capsules. My freakish memory is partly why I qualify as a nerd!

      Thanks for your thoughts about Paul Newman. I felt slightly inappropriate for my reaction, though I’m not going to apologize for it!

  6. Ha! I am so with you on the Tina Fey front! Her kick ass jab at the AMPTP rocked us off our couch…and totally showed us what side of that debate she falls on. So awesome!

    Glad to know we weren’t the only one’s groaning at Jon Hamm’s recycled Fey joke too. I mean, come on, dude, that was like, the best quote at the Emmy’s that year. Get with it!

    Loved that Meryl won for “Doubt” too…fantastic speech! And it looked like she just about knocked Amy Adams out of her dress with that crazy-ass hug…hilarious!

    I am so with you about America Ferrara too…that Vera Wang fanny pack on her hip looked freaking weird. But not weirder than that bizarre backpack of bows Marisa Tomei had on. WTF?

    Overall though a pretty cool show…I know it’s kind of cheesy, but we always love those little opening bits with the actors in the audience talking about when they got their SAG cards. So fun!

    • yeti9000,

      Haha! “Backpack of bows”—love it! Amy Adams’s dress had a “frontpack” of bows, too. The eggplant color was beautiful but I didn’t know what was going on there down the front.

      I do enjoy the opening bits from the actors. Will Arnett’s and Steve Carell’s were the best. I was confused by Eva Longoria Parker’s story, though. She said when she auditioned for Desperate Housewives, she decided to go in as 5’2″ and Mexican. How else could she have gone in? As 6’7″ and African-American?

      Jane Krakowski maintained during press backstage that what she said was a joke. But don’t jokes have to be funny? She was the only one who laughed. Next time, they should let Jack McBrayer talk. That boy’s hilarious!

  7. Oh yeah, forgot to mention how much I hated Jane Krakowski’s joke too. As a man of size, I was like, what the hell, beotch?

    And you just know that somewhere skinny old Calista Flockart and Portia De Rossi were hurling their remotes at the screen! 🙂

  8. Whoa, whoa, whoa, Miss ShelleyP….I believe I was here first. 🙂 Bring IT!

    • EireGo,

      OK, since this seems to be just between you and ShelleyP, here’s a trivia question:

      In Sean Penn’s acceptance speech for best actor at the SAG Awards, he said he wasn’t happy about which actor not having been nominated in his category?

      First correct reply gets the SAG Awards program!

      P.S. ShelleyP, you weren’t “lucky” with the Doubt script. You knew the answer!

  9. Sean Penn wanted Benicio Del Toro to be nominated for Che! Did I win, did I win?

  10. Oh, no fair – time zone advantage. Recount. Rewind.

    {Kidding! } SAG awards aren’t on TV here until this Saturday anyway, so I had to surf to come up with Benicio. {But don’t you feel a greater sense of achievement winning it this way, EireGo 😉 }

    • Oh, I didn’t know you haven’t seen the show yet, ShelleyP! Sorry for the unfair advantage. Well, there will be more contests and I usually have more than one item to give away so you won’t necessarily have to be the first to answer.

      EireGo, congrats. You’re right about Benicio. The program will be shipped out tomorrow!

  11. Not a worry in the world, PCN, but thank you for being kind!

    You’d drive yourself beserk if you tried to cater for your readers’ diversity of programming (especially since you have such an international following that’s going to quickly escalate). It’s quite fine – I’ll take my chances 🙂

    Congrats to EireGo. We shall duel again sometime, non?

  12. Til we meet again on the popculture battlefield, lassy….

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