I’ve seen WATCHMEN!

OK, I haven’t seen the whole thing but I did some work on it and got to see quite a bit and what I saw was craaaaaaazy. Zack Snyder, the director, loves him some violence. You could tell he had fun trying to find creative ways to slice, dice and blow people up. I normally freak out at even mild violence but this was so over the top, it made me scream first then laugh nervously afterwards, like I’d just gone through a Halloween fun house that was especially effective.

The look is dark and moody with splashes of muted color and it looks very much like a graphic novel set in motion. The cast is awesome–Billy Crudup is a Tony winner, Patrick Wilson was nominated, Jackie Earle Haley was nominated for an Oscar but producers got them all to wear masks and pleather. Well, Crudup had to wear some funky suit that made him look like a walking Lite Brite board so Dr. Manhattan can look like this in the final cut.

I predict this is gonna be HUGE and that Alan Moore fans won’t be disappointed. Fox is suing Warner Bros. and trying to block or delay the movie release but I say mark your calendars anyway for March 6, 2009. Something this big won’t be denied and Fox had better not mess with my residuals!


5 responses to “I’ve seen WATCHMEN!

  1. Matthew Goode is almost unrecognizable with blond boy-band hair!

  2. It’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. It will be interesting to see how this complex/subversive comic book translates to the screen. Do you know if the film covers the entire story, or is it only “Watchmen Part I” ? I’m not a fan
    of Zack Snyder (“300” was juvenile). Too bad Terry Gilliam couldn’t get the job.

    So what did you do for “Watchmen” ?

  4. I think the film covers the whole book, because the killer is revealed. I think it clocks in at over 2.5 hours right now because Snyder’s trying to include a lot of story. WB wants it shorter, though, so it probably will be.

    I did voice work on it.

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