Welcome to my opinions!

I have this thing–I love pop culture. Movies, TV, books, music–you name it. When I was a kid, I used to look forward to the Sunday edition of The Washington Post because it always contained a free TV guide. I’d take the guide and circle all the shows I was going to watch that week and then plan my life around that schedule. Bionic Woman on at 8pm Wednesday nights? Better not make plans with friends that night or at least be back by 7:45. Same thing with movies–I got a job at a movie theater in the nearby mall so I could get free admission (and a small popcorn) on my days off. I was there pretty much 7 days a week.

But it’s not enough to be obsessed. If I see or read something fantastic, I feel it’s my duty to tell others about it. I’d call up my sister or a friend and talk at length about some amazing movie or obscure British TV show I’d just discovered. Most of these people have normal lives, with jobs and kids, so it’s a wonder they’ve been kind to me all these years and actually put up with my prattling. Or maybe they’ve just been putting me on speaker phone while cooking dinner or changing their babies’ diapers and saying, “Uh huh” every once in a while but actually thinking, “This girl has a college education and she’s talking about something called Prison Break.”

So someone politely suggested I should start a blog for my reviews on books and movies and such. Instead of enduring my calls during dinner time, people can check in and read my thoughts at their convenience. How brilliant. Why didn’t I think of it before? Probably because I was obsessed with the latest episode of 30 Rock.

Another reason I wanted to start this blog is because I’m (un)lucky(?) enough to work in the entertainment industry. Often, I get invited to screenings or receive screeners of movies/TV pilots long before they become available to the general public. I’d like to think I can help you spend your time and hard-earned dollars wisely by suggesting which products to spend money on or avoid like bad eggs. My rating system is as follows: Brilliant, Not Bad, Okay, and Sucks Dirt.

I hope you’ll stop by often and leave lots of comments, even if it’s to say you completely disagree with my opinions. I love a good discussion about all things trivial!



One response to “Welcome to my opinions!

  1. I rate your blog as “Brilliant”. I’m looking forward to more of your insider insights.

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